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***NEW*** Spot Check Services is moving to a new location. This will not effect the database but will effect the response time of the office staff while we get connected and set up at our new location. This should only effect phone calls, assigning shops, and emails while we are getting connected.

***NEW***  We are requesting that if you do a mystery shop between now and the end of the year that you send your receipt by email/fax instead of using the texting feature. We will be switching to our new system in January and receipts will NOT be accepted by text. so we have decided to start phasing out this feature. If you have submitted your receipt by text please double check your shop payment to ensure that we have received it. You can do this by doing a "Payment Inquiry" on your shopper page.

You can email your receipt to or you can fax it to 1-877-362-3172. 

Please do not guess at answers in your report. Be honest and indicate that you did not notice or you forgot. In some cases if it is something small and it is only one or maybe two things, we may be able to work with the report. In the worst case scenario if there were mutliple things missed or what you missed was critical to the report, we may need to reject that one report. However, if you guess wrong and the client comes back to us telling us that information in your report is not accurate, you risk losing not only that report but also all future shops with that client and/or even Spot Check Services depending on the number and severity of the discrepancies. If the discrepancies are bad enough, you may also have all unpaid shops rejected, as it is dififcult to trust the accuracy of your other work when we have found false or inaccurate information in one report. Honesty is always the best policy.