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Referral Program
How does it work?
Whenever you refer a friend to Spot Check Services and they "complete" their first assignment, your shopper # will be entered into a monthly draw for $50.00.
Your friend MUST state your name or your shopper # in the, "Where Did You Hear About Us" line in their on-line application.
This is the only way we can track who you are referring. Your shopper # will be entered once for each friend you refer.
We will be making the draw on the last business day of each month. The winning shopper # will be announced the first business day of the new month.
The winner will receive their winnings through the monthly shop pay method on the 15th.
I have had shoppers telling me they want to refer friends, but do not know how. I will provide you with a few ideas.
  • Suggest to your guest that might be with you while on assignment to sign up.
  • Email your friends and let them know they can have fun making money and doing what they probably love to do. Shop and dine out. (If you are unsure of what to say, I will send you an email that you can forward to your friends in your address book.)
  • Check out the Spot Check Services facebook page and "LIKE" the page. By "liking" the page you will receive posts that you can share on your personal facebook page. This is such an easy way to let people know about Mystery Shopping.
  • We have several shoppers who have signed up who heard about us from another shopper in the staff room at work.
  • Email the Spot Check Services flyer to your friends. This explains in very simple terms what Mystery Shopping is. (This flyer can be found on facebook or you can email me and I will email you a copy of the flyer.)
These are just a few suggestions and this program is for ALL of our shoppers.
Be sure to check us out on facebook and Twitter.
If you have any questions, please email me.
Good luck everyone and have fun!!
Carole Chobot
Shop Manager
(SCS) Spot Check Services Ltd.