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The new front page of the website has been launched!!! If you are directing any of your friends or family to our site to sign up, make sure that they know to click on "Mystery Shoppers Click Here" link. This will take them to the shoppers page to sign up. This link is located at the top middle of the page and highlighted in blue!!

Very shortly Spot Check will be rolling out a new feature that will allow you to submit your receipts via text! Just before submitting your report you will enter your cell phone number. You will receive a text instructing you to reply back with the receipt attached. Once received, you will be sent a confirmation text. That is all there is to it! Please note that this is going to be in Beta testing for the first couple of months, so it is possible you will encounter some issues. If you do, we just ask that you send any error messages or issues you encounter to Please be sure to specify the type of phone you have as well as the specific error or issue encountered. 

We have been receiving some feedback from clients about shoppers being too distracted during their shops because of their cell phones. If you have a smartphone you are welcome to use it discretely for timing aspects on the shop as well as for making notes about the shop or taking photos, if required. However, you cannot be on your cell phone at all while your server is at your table or while speaking to/waiting for a sales associate; nor should you be texting, surfing, Tweeting, using Facebook, or in any othe way using your phone excessively throughout the shop. You are there to be observing and evaluating, and that requires paying attention. Also, if you or your guest are on your phones it can affect the shop because employees are often hesitant to approach or interact with someone who looks preoccupied on their phone. If a client reports back to us that your cell phone use or that of your guest in any way affected the shop, it is possible the shop will be rejected so please keep your cell phone use to a minimum while on a shop, and ask your guest to do the same.   

If you are assigned more than one shop at a time, it is absolutely CRITICAL that you keep all of the details of the shops separate, even if it means printing off a copy of each report or using a tablet and filling one out in the car before moving onto the next. We are experiencing an increase in the number of shoppers mixing up details of their shops. If this happens, not only will all reports you had assigned to you on that day be rejected (since we cannot be certain what other details have been mixed up), but you will be restricted from being assigned multiple shops at once going forward. Putting incorrect information in a report jeopardizes our relationship with the client because it makes it look like our shoppers are unreliable and that the information we are giving them is not valid. When the client cannot trust the information they receive, it is only a matter of time before they decide to stop mystery shopping, and everyone loses out then. Please, please be careful with your reports and ensure all information is accurate.

IMPORTANT - ALL SHOPPERS MUST READ: Effective immediately we have a new fax number for sending receipts to. If you are sending receipts by fax, please use the following number instead: 877-362-3172. The preferred method of submitting receipts is a scanned copy sent via email, but if you must use fax, please use this number instead. It may take us a bit of time to get the old number completely removed from our website and database, so please disregard any references to the old number of 866-592-5368. Thank you.