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Spot Check Services has a new site where all of our shops are now posted. If not already registered, you may need to register as a new shopper on the new system; your username and password for this site will not work on the new site. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are sure you will like the new look and features of the new site!

It will only take a couple of minutes to sign up on the new site. IMPORTANT: Before signing up again, use the forgot password field and enter the email address you used on the old system. We were able to manually move some of our shoppers over before the change-over, and you may have already been moved. If you are registered, you will receive login information. If it says invalid email, you are not registered and will need to sign-up using the "Become a Shopper" link.

To register/login to the new site, please: Click Here

This is just a reminder to check your assigned shops 24 hours after making your shop request. If you make a request on the weekend, make sure to check on Monday.  We do have an email notification that is sent out but email is not always reliable. Some emails will get lost in cyber space or caught in spam filters. Incomplete shops are noted on your profile and will effect being assigned shops in the future. This goes for questions from quality control too.