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**NEW**Please do not guess at answers in your report. Be honest and indicate that you did not notice or you forgot. In some cases if it is something small and it is only one or maybe two things, we may be able to work with the report. In the worst case scenario if there were mutliple things missed or what you missed was critical to the report, we may need to reject that one report. However, if you guess wrong and the client comes back to us telling us that information in your report is not accurate, you risk losing not only that report but also all future shops with that client and/or even Spot Check Services depending on the number and severity of the discrepancies. If the discrepancies are bad enough, you may also have all unpaid shops rejected, as it is dififcult to trust the accuracy of your other work when we have found false or inaccurate information in one report. Honesty is always the best policy.

The photo attachment and receipt attachment features are both still in beta testing. If you are having difficulties uploading attachments to your report, please DO NOT keep trying for days. Your report still needs to be submitted within 24 hours, and while we may be able to give you a bit of an extension, reports will not be accepted if you are days late submitting them because you were having a problem with attachments. If you can’t add an attachment for any reason, please contact or call 1-877-780-7467 ext. 226 immediately to advise of the problem. When contacting us about problems, please have the following information available: any error messages you received; at what point in the process you received the error message; if you didn’t get an error message, what the system did; and what you are using to submit your report (iphone/ipad, android phone/tablet, PC with Chrome, PC with Microsoft Edge/IE). The first step to troubleshoot is to try a different device if you have one available.

If you have requested an assignment, please honour that commitment and complete the shop. We know life happens, but if, for any reason, you know you will not be able to complete a shop, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may try to reschedule it with another shopper. When people just don’t bother doing a shop, or wait until the last day or even until after the shop dates have ended to advise us that they did not do the shop, we often do not have time to reschedule. This means our clients are unhappy with us for missing their shops, and unhappy clients means less work for our shoppers! Frequently requesting shops and cancelling them, as well as not doing shops without advising us in advance, does affect the quantity and types of shops assigned to you.

The new front page of the website has been launched!!! If you are directing any of your friends or family to our site to sign up, make sure that they know to click on "Mystery Shoppers Click Here" link. This will take them to the shoppers page to sign up. This link is located at the top middle of the page and highlighted in blue!!